Abhishekh Khan Reveals Insights Into His Journey.


                                                                                                                               Credits:-Abhishekh khan

Abhishekh Khan made his debut into the glamour world with Ribhu Dasgupta’s political spy thriller ‘Bard of Blood’. We caught up with him to know more about his journey and his latest music video ‘Baatein’.


You made your debut with an outstanding character in ‘Bard of Blood. What made you say yes to this role?

I was never offered Bard of Blood. I had to audition for it. As a newcomer, you wait for auditions to happen. So Bard happened through auditions and I feel great that it was my first project.


Your performance stood out even amongst the other stellar cast, how does that feel?

It feels great to read this question in the first place. The feeling was something I’ll never forget. To get noticed is also a big thing for someone like me. I remember I was on cloud 9 when Shah Rukh sir congratulated me for my character during the launch; this is something I will always remember.


We got to know you had taken up some strict diet and training to transform yourself into Nusrat Marri. How difficult was it to come back and live as Abhishekh Khan?

Not difficult!! It was special and also saddening to know that Bard is over when I shot my last schedule. Also nature & music helped a lot.


You recently was a part of Palaash’s music single ‘Baatein’. How was your experience?

The experience was different because of Covid-19 & also special because Palaash & I are old friends & have worked together in the past. It was something I won’t forget easily & not just because of Palaash, but also the song! It’s a very sweet track!!


Before making it to the digital screen, you were a part of theatre groups. How was this change for you?

Yes I was. But I did nothing great at the theatres. I’m very happy with the change though I still love theatre as I have learnt a lot from there.


You quit social media, how do you connect with your fans/well-wishers?

Emails. Emails. They’re the best way to spread happiness & connect with the people. I’m very old school in these matters.


                                                                                                       Credits:-Abhishekh khan


You are quite active with your music on Spotify, tell us something about your music?

Umm yes. But my music is very abstract. There’s a story behind every track. Each track has a backstory to it. Music can heal & my tracks are without a voice, they don’t really cater to mainstream audiences. But yes they’re pretty thematic & there’s a certain audience for it too.


One current movie you wished you were a part of?

– I would’ve loved to be a part of Kumbalangi Nights. It’s a Malayalam film. Very beautiful!


One message you would like to share with youngsters who plan on entering Bollywood?

Ah! There’s no message because I myself haven’t entered Bollywood yet. I’m still new & still in the web zone.


Till when can the fans expect ‘Bard of Blood 2’?

I ask the same question to my makers all the time!! Hoping it happens soon.