Conversation With TikTok Sensation and Rising Artist- ansar.

Initiating his journey from a small basement when he was merely in 10th grade, ansar. has now transformed into one of TikTok’s biggest stars garnering a massive amount of over 2.3 Million likes on the video sharing platform. Although Ansar’s potential is not solely limited to content creation. Besides creating videos, ansar. is also an extremely talented artist. Marking his debut in the music industry by his track Nike/Zeus, ansar. recently dropped his latest single “Drop Top”. 

Ansar recently had an insightful chat with Deception Magazine where he discussed significant insights into his phenomenal journey, how the pandemic effected his creative processes, his music inspirations and what the fans can expect from him in the near future!

Photo Credits: ansar.

Hi there ansar. Thank you for joining us on Deception Magazine! How would describe your sound in your own terms?

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself unique sonically. I hear a lot of the same cadences, styles, and processes of the artists that inspired me growing up whenever I listen to myself. I guess that can be said for any artist though! Most of us are typically a blend of the people we grew up listening to.

Let me start by talking about your recent track “Drop Top”. Kindly walk us through the creative process of the song.

Well I think that was a mini-rebellion on my part of sorts. I had been writing music that was more trap-oriented that people would probably enjoy listening to more but during quarantine I came across this beautiful boom bap beat that I just HAD to write on. It was initially just a straight 2 minute verse but once I came upon the idea for the chorus I split it in half!

Did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage of the track? If so, how did you overcome them?

I’ve been told my mastering and mixing needs a lot of work. So I re-recorded and (to the best of my abilities) remastered the track a couple of times until I, and a couple of objective listeners, were satisfied with the final mix.

When it comes to creation of music, do you need a specific setting to work in or do you consider yourself easily flexible?

It’s always got to be in my room, with my laptop, late at night. It’s late at night because I typically write a couple of lines and like rapping them back. So any disturbances or distractions hinders my creative process.


As we are facing this unfortunate pandemic, has the lockdown and isolation effected your creativity in any manner? (Positive or Negative)

In the beginning it was very positive. I had all this time to listen to new music, write more, and experiment with so much. I mad a lot of progress in the first month or two. But alas, as time passed it slowly sucked the energy out of me being so secluded from my friends for that long, and I felt like I was stuck in a creative block eventually. I’d say I’m slowly coming out of it now though.

Photo Credits: ansar.

Besides being a talented artist, you are also an immensely popular content creator. Do you face any challenges while balancing both the fields when it comes to factors like time management?

I think making videos has definitely chewed into the time that I’d normally spend writing. But it’s always given way for me to be more comfortable writing for myself, a very cathartic process that I once did a lot of and stopped. So that’s cool. More people are focused on the videos now so it takes pressure off of me to create music, which is always nice.


If you could attend one dream concert of any artist (Dead or Alive), which one would you like to attend?

Ahh if we’re including dead artists then it’s got to be Michael Jackson. I was an insane fan growing up, I still know how to moonwalk! I love his music and I’ve seen his concert videos countless times, to see him live would be surreal.


What’s next for you ansar.? Any plans on your upcoming projects/collaborations that you would like to hint your fans about?

I’ve got a couple of things here and there in the works! Some musical collaborations and some content collabs too. Not gonna give anything away yet but stay tuned.


Lastly, is there anything that you wish to convey to your supporters?

As always I am truly humbled by your support. I love you guys so much, thank you for being here with me and I hope we continue to grow in the future!