Artist Spotlight- Cobi

Credits: Cobi

Deception Magazine each week tries to draw our reader’s attention by bringing our “Artist Spotlight” towards an artist that we think have the perfect balance of creativity, passion and exceptional potential inside them.


This week Deception Magazine turns our “Artist Spotlight” towards LA based artist- Cobi. Deeply inspired by R&B, Cobi hails from Grand Marais, Minnesota. He started his solo music career by his debut track titled, “Don’t You Cry for Me.” Up until then he was a part of Boston originated band, Gentleman Hall.

In 2015, he released a self-titled four-song solo EP, and later the same year, he toured as a guest vocalist with the British electronic act Above and Beyond. Cobi has released some phenomenal tracks up until now and after hearing them, we can clearly say he is an underrated gem. His music is extremely powerful and can be defined as something incomparable. 


 His artistic approach is absolutely commendable. The way his raw vocals blend smoothly over the music while he sings the melancholic and personal lyrics with his heart out with absolute perfection is something an artist can only dream to achieve.

His love for his family can be clearly seen as he showcases some deeply heartfelt tracks paying a great tribute to his father and bursting out his emotions of love and gratefulness towards his family. His recent track “Faith In Tomorrow” is an immensely impactful anthem conveying hope and resilience that powers one through their struggles.


We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings in store for Cobi! 

Check out “Faith in Tomorrow” by Cobi below!