Arzutra Garielle Gives Insights About Her Music Journey

                                                                                                            Credits: Arzutra Garielle 

Hello there Arzutra! Thank you for joining us on Deception Magazine! For the people yet to be introduced to your music kindly tell us something about yourself!

I am a British born singer inspired by Bollywood music. From a very young age the only music I was exposed to was Bollywood Hindi music. After listening to Hindi songs all my life, I began singing my own Hindi songs. It may surprise you to hear that I cannot speak Hindi till date. I have launched 9 music albums till date, ‘Woh Pal’ was my debut album for which I as lucky enough to work with Dubai based producer Atif Ali who has previously worked on several Bollywood and TV serials. Having African parents I devoted myself to a musical style influenced by Bollywood purely because that’s all I knew music to be when I was growing up. Its only later in life I was exposed to other genres and listen to western music.    

You recently released your phenomenal track “Tumhaari”. Congratulations on that! How was the creative process like with the track?

Tumhaari is a song that will make you fall in love even if you have nobody to fall in love with. It’s a very personal song for me as I wrote it for my lover at the time. It’s about making a statement that you are devoting yourself to someone you love unconditionally. I find love exists superficially these days and Tumhaari reminds us of the real kind of love.

Did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage of the song? If so, how did you overcome them?

Challenges are an understatement. Nobody really knows what goes behind the scenes. I have seen it all from producers trying to drug me up in the studio, trying to sexually harass me, running off with my money, not taking me seriously, looking down on me due to being a female. The list goes on, thankfully all these experiences as hard as they were, they made me stronger as a person. I have more value for myself now as a female than what I did when I entered the music scene 5years ago.

You have attracted over 5 million views on your YouTube channel through your music. How does it feel to know your music has such a vast influence?

My fans are simply great; they are so motivating and positive. I have read a couple of times how certain fans bash up artists on their social media pages, but thankfully I have no such fans around me. My fans are always motivating me to keep releasing new music along with sharing their valuable feedback with me. I cherish their opinion and make sure to add them in my music.

Having been in this industry for such a long time now, what according to you is the biggest piece of advice that you took away during this journey?

Be prepared to be busy, Stardom is earned. It is a long road and the one instrument you are guaranteed to have with you every step of the way in your voice. So train it and look after it well.

                                                                                                             Credits : Arzutra Garielle 

Considering the global pandemic currently out there, is there anything that you’re doing to stay creative during times like these?

I have been working more than ever. I have started to work on new work ventures which I only dreamed of starting in 2021/2022 namely Vanity by Arzutra. This is a health inspired venture which is the new age guide to living a healthy life. Being a celebrity I have been trained how to eat, what to eat, how much water to drink, how much to sleep to get and all that fun stuff which I was never taught in school. I questioned why I wasn’t taught this in school when it’s so important for our lives. I decided I did not want to keep this a secret like other celebrities. I have a vast amount of knowledge on health and I don’t want to selfishly keep it to myself.

You have collaborated with some extremely talented artists. Is there anyone that you still wish to collaborate with in the future?

Weeknd the western singer. I can imagine doing a duet with him. I have collaborated with producers such as Atif Ali & DJ Shadow recently. It’s amazing doing collaborations but only when they are with the right people.

Is there anything that the fans can expect from your forthcoming projects/collaborations?

I am working to complete my 2nd album as we speak .I hope to launch it later this year or next .it has some of my ultimate favourite songs on the  album . I have also started working on a special project which aims to promote girl power .The song is called ‘Manchali’-it’s very different to anything I have done before and will be out soon over the coming months.

Lastly, is there anything you wish to convey to your fans and supporters from around the world?

I love you’ll all, I know there are times when I cannot reply to all your messages but I am reading all your messages. Thank you for all your kind words and support. Stay healthy and safe always