Charlotte Jane Discusses Her New Single "Get It Right"

Marking her debut with her phenomenal EP ‘Nowhere To Hide’, Charlotte Jane was successful in garnering fans and listeners from all around the world. In no time did Charlotte gained millions of streams on her music which set her on the path to sell-out headline shows in London and hometown Hull, performing at Reading and Leeds and with the gained support of talented artists like Jess Glynne, Dennis Lloyd, Tom Odell and Lewis Capaldi.

Charlotte recently surprised her fans with her new single “Get It Right”, a track which was penned down in response to the frustration of realizing that she had been messed around by a love interest for more than an year. The successfully showcases Charlotte’s immense potential. The track was well received by her well established fan-base.

Charlotte recently had a fun conversation with Deception Magazine where she discussed the process behind the track, how the pandemic has effected her creative process and her long term goals for the future.

Photo Credits: Lennon Gregory

Hi there Charlotte. Thank you for joining us on Deception Magazine! What was it exactly that initially brought you closer to the field of music?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. I’ve always said that watching my grandparents performing gigs, as a child, was a huge inspiration to me. It massively drew me in to the music world and got me hooked on listening to, learning and then performing songs. When I think back to being as young as 5 or 6, it was almost a ridiculous question to ask me ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ … I’d be like ‘duh, I’m going to perform’. A big shift that brought me into the the ‘professional’ world of music was meeting my manager in 2015, things started to feel really possible from that point onwards.

You recently released your new single “Get It Right”. Congratulations on that! What’s the story behind the track?

I had been in such a negative cycle of thinking I deserved to be treated badly and every time I got let down it fueled my insecurities. Get it Right is the anthem for the lightbulb moment when you realize your own self worth and stop letting people string you along. It sounds, sonically, sad but its actually really empowering for me personally.

Did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage of the track? If so, how did you overcome them?

Thankfully, no. Of all the songs I’ve been working on finishing up this year, Get it Right has been the angelic, super easygoing one that presented no problems. We used the demo vocal from the day I wrote it and the only thing we added production-wise were the drums that kick in on the second chorus. However, if you asked me this question about the song I’m planning to release next…… different story haha.

What kind of message do you want to convey to your listeners through this song?

That we should trust our instincts and gut feelings more. I hope people can feel the transition from self-destructive and self-loathing Charlotte into self-aware and self-worth Charlotte. That’s what this song is all about for me and I find it really empowering.

Photo Credits: Lennon Gregory

What has been the most memorable thing for you in your journey so far?
Selling out 3 London headline shows and 2 hometown shows in a year. That for me was just the most incredible thing. For me, nothing means more than people using their hard-earned cash to buy a ticket and then giving up their time to travel and attend a show. Because I only do that when I really love an artist and for people to feel strongly enough about me to do that just blows my mind really.

As we are facing this unfortunate pandemic, is there anything specific that you are currently doing in order to stay creative?

I’m trying to be creative in new ways as well as writing music. Cooking, making skits for social media, going out walking to keep me refreshed and inspired, watching great series and films so I can live vicariously through the characters. I also just moved house so I’m trying my hat as an interior designer!

Where do you draw your major music inspirations from? If given an opportunity, who are you most likely to collaborate and work with in the future?

This is definitely something that is ever-changing. I always say that I listen to a lot of old soul music but funnily enough, this year, I’ve not listened to that stuff so much. I’ve been hugely inspired by Bon Iver, Jordan Mackampa, Olivia Dean, Frank Ocean. The list of people I would love to collaborate with is so long I don’t even know where to start haha! Justin Vernon, H.E.R, Lianne La Havas, Chris Martin, Mark Ronson, Finneas, Raye, RY X… maybe just stick us all in a room and see what happens?

What are some of the long-term goals you have in mind for your career?

Success. Happiness. Travel the world. Connect. Make a difference and inspire others to do the same. Soundtrack special moments. Collaborate with artists I love.

Lastly, is there anything that you wish to convey to your fans and supporters from all around the world?

Above all else, I just want to keep it real. Be open about the pretty stuff as well as the ugly stuff.