Review: Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Credits: Netflix

                                                                                                           *Spoiler Alert*

It was hard to acknowledge that the chilling experiences of Sabrina was arriving at an end. This time season 4’s dad Blackwood, (played by Richard Coyle) was the greatest adversary of the religious circle and accordingly in all the scenes he is answerable for gathering the Eldritch fear. Richard Coyle’s character all through the scene intrigued us about these dread beasts that were coming into Greendale without a notice. 


Kiernan Shipka’s character Sabrina, in this season, is exceptional. Everybody in Greendale confronted these fears. The last dread the void can be seen is quite possibly the most noticeable dread that Sabrina’s loved ones had to face . The set-up of the void was extraordinary and it was monochromatic which supported the ambience.


The breaking point in the entire season is when we get to see Sabrina sacrifice herself in the very last moment.That particular moment pierces through all the audience’s heart. Sabrina and Nick reunite in altogether different realms. This time we get  to see the stars from Sabrina the teenage witch 1996. They were Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea as aunt Zelda and Helda, it was like a reunion of the OG’s. We got to see the fright club in action especially in the episode of the return, where they had the band that arose from the fires of hell and had made a deal with the devil. Harvey and Roz would explore their characters capabilities and unfold the realities. 


The closure of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina praises her penance to save her friends and family. Sabrina has so regularly been childish all through the arrangement, settling on a few decisions that put her loved ones and  even the entire world  in harm’s way. In the arrangement finale, she acts benevolently and saves the world. The ending is a closure for all the fans on a bittersweet note where life goes on.

Words: Salvi Veronica Tete

Edited By: Pankhuri Bhutani