Pixar's Coco: An enduring look at the heartwarming movie.

Photo Credits: Pixar

Director:- Lee Unkrich 


Coco reminds us of how alternate  worlds impact each other.This movie by Pixar encourages us to explore true possibilities of our talents. The film chooses its name very carefully because in Mexico the word “Coco” means skull and this word has an ancient history that is often referred to as “el coco monster” which takes away the soul of those children who misbehave with their family.


Miguel is a young boy who aspires to become a musician. Miguel’s family refuses him to play because singing took his great great grandfather away from his family because he was too ambitious to be a singer and who forgot about his family. In one of the scenes  Las oFrendas day is celebrated , where people create altars for those who are dead in their family. According to  the Mexican culture, on this day, the dead walk among the living and allow them to be remembered in the land of the living. In the entire film, each of the characters have been given an unusual personality and skull structure which makes them unique and identifiable. 


Also, the film packs up with great adventure and amazing screenplay. Something undoubtedly interesting and distinctive in this film was that the makers of the movie had researched for this film for almost 3 years along with the crew, creative heads and designers. They explored the mexican cultures, monuments, cuisines and more. The entire reverie family was stationed in Santa Cecilia in the movie. To imitate this  place in animation was initially tough for the creators but they did a commendable job in successfully presenting the place remarkably within the movie. Warm tones have played a prominent role in bridge and cemetery scenes of the film . The structure of monuments in the film especially in the land of the dead incorporated the designs of the skulls into the architecture.


This movie is definitely a treat for the eyes because it appeals to the individual yet contributes in a collective manner for the entire family. Songs used in Coco have a traditional taste of Mexican folklore along with new and elevated  tunes and rhythm. Music throughout the film has added charm to the film in totality. The movie successfully grabbed the Oscar for “Best Animated Feature” and “Best Original Song” for one of its highly acclaimed tracks “Remember Me” at the 2018 Academy Awards. 

Words: Salvi. Veronica. Tete.
Edited By- Pankhuri Bhutani