Artist Spotlight- Cold Weather Company

Credits: Cold Weather Company

This week, Deception Magazine will be turning our Artist Spotlight towards New Jersey based band ‘Cold Weather Company’. Consisting of talented songwriters, Brian Curry, Steve Shimchick and Jeff Petescia, Cold Weather Company is New Jersey-based independent alternative folk band formed in 2013.


Fate played an extremely vital role in the formation of the band after the three artists met for the first time on a park bench in New Jersey. Years have passed since their first meeting and they have so far successfully established an extremely loyal and supportive fanbase. 

The band’s third album, Find Light, was the first of their album to be recorded in a dedicated studio, meanwhile they self-produced and created their first two albums, Somewhere New and A Folded Letter, in the basements, bedrooms, and rented cabins of the trio.


Cold Weather Company crafts songs that are as personal as they are dynamic. In each piece of music they share with the world, the band reveals an extraordinary side of their artistry and speaks to the incredible power of embracing their talents. 


It is clear that they prefer a perfect blend of power and simplicity in the ways of lyrics and composition. Most of their tracks possesses a lot of raw and emotional vocal delivery that maintains a sensual beat carrying a peaceful aura to be witnessed throughout the duration of the track. 

Every single track of theirs is dripping with the immense talent waiting inside of them to burst out. Cold Weather Company never fails to deliver their masterful artistry in an immaculate delivery in each of their songs. 


The talented songwriters wear their hearts on their sleeves in the compelling and lively creations. Most of their tracks have an exciting and magical atmosphere making the listeners feel euphoric meanwhile some of their songs consist a calming aura helping the listeners to leave all their worries behind as they dwell into a world of their own. 


Cold Weather Company is one of those rare bands that no matter how successful they get, they will never leave their supporter’s side. They are extremely interactive with their fanbase. Besides showcasing their own talents, they also organize several Open Mics for their fans to watch free of cost sitting at the comforts of their home as they watch the band perform along with several other talented artists. 


Their latest track ‘Warmth in Winter’ is a blissful offering. The Christmas song clearly acts as a necessity amidst unfortunate and challenging times like these. The band leaves a long yet rewarding musical journey after years of constant hard-work and practice as they step into an undoubtedly bright future filled with impeccable soundscapes and vulnerable lyricism.


We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings in next for the band!

Words: Pankhuri Bhutani