Dushyant Kapoor on Creation of DK Universe and His Award Winning Short Films.


                                                                                                                 Credits: Dushyant kapoor

Hi there Dushyant. Thank you for joining us on Deception Magazine. You have a diverse experience from being a singer to being a director to being a YouTube creator. When was the first moment that you decided to start your journey in the creative industry?


I was in 2nd standard in school when I participated in singing for first time. My school took me to another school by bus where I sang ‘Nanha munha rahi hun’. I was so small that I didn’t even know what I was singing? There was a guy in my school who lost both his hands,he sang so well, even better than me but I got 2nd prize and he got 3rd. I felt so strange that day & I would have given first prize to that boy If I had to judge that competetion. This incident marked a place in my memory & I decided to encourage such talent. May be this was the reason I decided to enter this field & to help as much people as I can.)


With your award winning short films like “All Men are Dogs?”, “Corona- End of The World” and many more, what kind of social message do you usually intend on giving your viewers?

Whatever our parents teach us at home is the prime teachings in my films that I want to show my viewers. TV has an universal reach & youth is growing up watching both TV & internet and I believe to convey them right message. There are many influencers who promote abusive content among their followers & most of them are teenage kids. So I try to implant good things in their minds through my films because it’s essential for them to learn these things.

How did the concept of “Indian Superheroes” for DK Films initially come into existence?

Superheroes were my dream since childhood & it became a reality when I made Mahakaal first time. Mahakaal was the only superhero on youtube to create a storm. People loved it so much & it gave me the confidence to move forward with a vast idea of an universe of superheroes.


What according to you defines being a superhero? What sort of qualities do you think an individual should possess in order to become a superhero?

What I believe is that we all have a superhero inside but we don’t have to jump off the roof. Thinking twice & helping lot of needy people make you a hero. We should live with a will of being a giver & of thinking about the wellbeing of others. These things make us a superhero & everyone must have this quality.


Which superhero do you resonate the most from the phenomenal DK universe?


Mahakaal is not an ordinary superhero like others. Mahakal is a story of every individual out there who is looking for a purpose & who is looking forward to become a purpose for others. I find out Mahakaal the most like me out of entire DK Films’ superhero universe & I feel like he is a imitation of me.

                                                                                                                          Credits: Dushyant kapoor

You have garnered over 60 Million views and over 400,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. How does it feel to know that your content has such a global influence?

I am grateful to my audience who has taken DK Films to such stage today. It’s a beautiful journey that they like my content & get associated with it. I also feel lucky that GOD has given me a chance to spread my content to so many people. Still there is so much that I want to bring on the screen and for that I need more people to join us. I will work hard and take this journey of 4 lakh subscribers ahead.


Who do you draw your musical inspirations from? If given an opportunity, what artist would you like to collaborate and work with in the future?

Justin Bieber.

I am a big fan of him. I fee like if I wouldn’t have listened to his songs that time I couldn’t be doing what I am doing today. At that time, that kid hit me so hard. It’s my dream to collaborate with him & if I get chance to do so, I would be the luckiest person in this world.


What’s next for you Dushyant? Any plans on upcoming projects/collaborations that you would like to hint your fans about?

I am coming up with “2020-end of the world” part 2 because people have given me so much love for the film.I have a lot in my project bucket and Indian avengers would be the biggest of them & it would be like an experience never seen before in the world of superheroes in India.


Lastly, is there any message that you would like to convey to your supporters from around the world?

We all have been through a tough time , negativity is all over the place , people are struggling and one should utilise one’s energy in right direction & take care of themselves. As it is said & we know that even bad time has a good quality that it goes by too. Apart from this, I want to say to my fans to be ready for our ‘ Indian Avengers’. It’s coming soon