Emily in Paris : A Short Analysis

                                                                                                                 Credits: Netflix

‘Movies are an escape from reality’. They permit us to value another reality which all of us long for and so does this Netflix series. Darren Star’s “Emily in Paris” not only makes us crave for our own version of Emily in Paris but also walks us through the amazing life of the most romantic city in the world with some of the most dreamy and charming anecdotes.

Released on 2nd October 2020, the series is a classic work of cinematography. It gives us an outsider perspective to the French Culture and essentially speaks of the food, lifestyle, couture and the individuals of Paris. The writers have strolled us through probably some of the most well-known clichés of the French culture: fine delicacies, bougie couture, love for the French language, historic culture, sophisticated lifestyle, love for wine, passion for love and a sheer contemn for the American culture, to name a few.


Emily, an American marketing executive is relocated to Paris to join a Parisian marketing firm who are somewhat reluctant to acknowledge the American perspective of work. Thus, this cultural clash creates a lot of havoc which is nothing less than a complete package of entertainment for the audience. This insane excursion is upheld by some of the most charming characters like Gabriel, Camille and Mindy who have been Emily’s friend all through her journey of being the new girl in the city to an effortless influencer who is high on her life in Paris.

And hence “Emily in Paris” is a complete package of travel, fashion, feminism, comedy and romance that takes you to the La La Land of Paris.