Feather On His Sophomore Single "Smoke" featuring Lostboycrow

                                                                                       Photo Credits: Kyle Featherstone

Kyle Featherstone, professionally known as Feather, is back on the release radar with his highly-anticipated sophomore single ‘Smoke’, featuring vocals from the talented L.A. based artist Lostboycrow. The recent track from the Minnesota native follows his October released debut single ‘Safe House’, which just surpassed 100,000 plays on Spotify without label support as a fully independent artist.


Kyle recently caught up with Deception in order to discuss insights into his music career, his inspirations and what the fans can expect from his future projects and collaborations. 


Hi there Kyle. Thank you for joining us on Deception! I would like to start by asking you about your music journey. Was being a professional artist your only passion or did you plan something else before setting out in the music industry?

I always loved playing and making music casually in high school with friends, but I actually was a student that got fairly involved with theatre and musicals. I originally decided to attend college for theatre (and get a masters in psychology after undergrad for a “real job”), but half way through a friend and I decided to try and start a band, and with the mild success that followed I just kind of fell into the world of the music industry and working towards the realization that I could perhaps do it for a living! 


Your debut single ‘Safe House’, successfully surpassed 100,000 plays on Spotify without any label support. How does it feel to attract such a vast number of listeners in such a short amount of time? 

Honestly it feels very strange! I still don’t totally comprehend what that number means because it’s so much higher than I ever anticipated, and even so I don’t think I ever had 100,000 of anything in my life so my brain doesn’t understand the volume of that haha. I am lucky to have a song that seems to resonate with so many people already. I get messages all the time about how it has connected with or helped people, and that truly is the greatest gift – it’s the reason I began making music in the first place. 


What can you tell us about your recent single “Smoke”?

Smoke was an idea that actually started in one of my first writing camps in Nashville (before I moved here recently) and we wanted to make a song about how the memory of someone can seem to linger in so many parts of your life, the way that Smoke also can – on your clothes, car, home, etc. 


How was it like collaborating with the talented Chris Blair (Lostboycrow) on this track? Did you both face any sort of challenges while creating the track?

Chris (Lostboycrow) was an absolute pleasure to work with, as he always is. When I started producing a few years ago Lostboycrow’s music was actually a really big part in exposing me to the dance/pop/electronic world and it’s still really crazy to me that down the road I was able to create a song with him through a series of small-world coincidences. I love his easygoing attitude and incredible voice.


Where do you draw your major musical influences from?

My primary musical influences are a cross between euphoric emotional future bass styled artists like ODESZA, ILLENIUM, Dabin, Petit Biscuit and also anthemic alt/pop bands like Coldplay, The 1975, The Band CAMINO, etc.



                                                                                        Photo Credits: Kyle Featherstone

If given an opportunity, who are you most likely to collaborate and work with on your music in the future?

Ooooo, most likely..? Hard to say. I never expected the opportunity for Lostboycrow to have worked out so randomly, so I’d like to leave the universe open to facilitating any opportunities with the previously mentioned artists… but one thing I do know is I just like to work with artists who’s other music I’m really stoked on personally. Doesn’t matter their size or genre. I think it’s really cool to blend my alt/pop roots with the electronic type music I’m making now so that’s always on my mind. 


Has the ongoing pandemic effected your creativity in any manner? 

Honestly at first I really struggled. I tend to push myself pretty hard with many projects and goals, and when all this newfound free time came about from lack of work and social life, I sort of felt this obligation to be as productive as possible with every minute I could. That ultimately just ended up stressing me more out when I didn’t utilize the time perfectly… haha as you can see that didn’t quite work out. Eventually through some trial and error I found some time to balance everything in a way that allowed for rest and recharging while still keeping my interest peaked with a variety of creative outlets (vlogging, producing, DJing, writing, etc). Now, I actually think the pandemic has provided me a lot of necessary time to double down on my music and complete a lot of goals I’ve always had! 


What can the fans expect from your upcoming projects? 

I think people can look forward to a lot of variety from me. Not only with my music (as I’m always looking to push myself to grow and develop musically), but also in other aspects of what this project means to me. Music is only one component of what I hope to offer people in a world that can often be difficult to navigate. I love finding new ways to connect with people, have fun, and provide an experience that resonates with the soul.  


Lastly, is there anything that you wish to convey to your supporters?

I want people to know how thankful I am, truly. I am so grateful every day for every second of time, dollar spent, minute viewed, song listened, etc. that anyone has given me. People work really hard for their money and free time and to spend it on me to help me do something I love is so selfless. So to anyone out there, thank you. I can’t do this without your support. I will always do anything I can to support you back!