Fly By Midnight On Their New EP- Plus One

Credits: Kiersten Friesen

Hailing from Los Angeles, Fly By Midnight is a duo you most certainly have heard of this year. Their iconic collaboration with Jake Miller resulted in a song that garnered listeners from all around the world. “Automatic” is still to this day attracting fans from all over the globe.


New York-born and LA-based indie-pop duo Fly By Midnight consists of the talented songwriter Justin Bryte and the phenomenal producer-songwriter Slavo. The pair has performed multiple sold-out shows across the LA and NYC regions and graced the stages of major festivals, including the Firefly & Panorama festival. They recently performed on Netflix’s PRIDE Celebration last month alongside Chaka Khan, Laverne Cox , and Trixie Mattel. 


The duo recently decided to collaborate with a handful of cherry-picked pop/indie artists who make up this dainty cluster called Plus One. The Ep Plus One was released on February 19th of this year with the same day release of a music video, companion to the final single on the EP- Diamond Eyes. featuring Cailin Russo. They recently stunned their fans by uploading a beautiful acoustic rendition of their original single ‘I Miss NY’. 


We recently caught up with the two talents in order to discuss the creative process behind their EP as well as some other significant insights into their music journey. 


Hi there Justin and Slavo! Thank you for joining us on Deception! How is 2021 treating you both so far? Has the lockdown been challenging for you two or has it given you guys more freedom to work on your music?


Justin: Thanks for having us. 2021 has started off quite well. After an odd year for all of us we’re more inspired than we’ve been in a long time.


Slavo: The lockdown initially threw a couple of wrenches into how we’d work together, but in kind of a surprising way it’s brought us more opportunities.


Justin: Agreed. The world of zoom writing has us connecting with writers & artists from all over the world. That sort of access has led to a lot of eclectic and exciting Fly By tracks.


You recently released your highly successful track ‘Automatic’ featuring the talented Jake Miller, which is still garnering lots of listeners everyday. How did this collaboration initially come into existence?


Slavo: Jake was one of our first friends and collaborators out in LA. After we co-wrote and I produced a few tracks of his it was only a matter of time before we found a song we could all be on together. Being Jake was part of our tight knit group this past year we were lucky to be able to get in the studio with him and play the song. The next day his parts were recorded and the next week the video was filmed.


What was the creative process like with the track? Were there any challenges that you faced during the production stage of the song?


Justin: We had written “Automatic” with our co-writer Rebecca Page in the beginning of 2020. We both came into the session and felt that we hadn’t written a song with a positive romantic narrative in a long time. I had just gone on a first date that past weekend and had jotted down something about everything fitting effortlessly and automatically with this person. Honestly the process of creating the track and working with Jake couldn’t have been smoother. They’re not always like that. *laughs*


What can you tell us about your upcoming ‘Plus One’ EP? Where did you draw the major inspiration from for this project?


Slavo: The idea of “Plus One” being an all collaborative project was brought up at a dinner we had together at our favorite mexican restaurant in New Jersey. We were in the middle of packing to move to LA and I had said to Justin that I think it would be pretty ambitious to create.


Justin: I don’t think either of us knew the challenges 2020 would present, but that kind of made the point of the project even greater. To connect in the most universally disconnected world we’ve ever seen.


Slavo: Also initially the idea to have more artists feature on our music was inspired by how our fans took to our single “Lovely” featuring our now close friend Betty Who. That song has continued to build such momentum for us that it was inspiring to pursue more of these collaborations.


How was the experience like collaborating with artists from all around the world during the making of this EP? Was there any moment in particular during this journey that stood out for you two?


Justin: It was the perfect balance of stressful and beautiful. What made the experience so unique was how, with the exception of Jake, we hadn’t had a personal relationship with these artists until we worked on the tracks together.


Slavo: In each of our initial conversations it was clear there was such a level of respect and admiration for each other’s projects too. That made the process really enjoyable.


Justin: Shooting the video for “Lost Without You” in 100 degree weather in a desert with a green screen behind us was a journey in itself. Creating the idea one afternoon, directing it, and then seeing it come to life with Clara’s footage that was filmed in Sweden.. all really rewarding to say the least.


Slavo: Yeah I agree. We’d never taken on a project of that scope before. There’s been a lot of trust in us from our team to take all these concepts and bring them to life.


I know everything is extremely uncertain at the moment but do you have any plans for performing live/virtual shows for your fans this year?


Justin: We’ve actually had a handful of conversations about upcoming tours. Granted the world needs to be open first, but I think it’s safe to say when it is we’ll be on the road.


Slavo: We’ve released a lot of music since our last shows so when the time comes to be back on stage we’ll be playing our best set yet. Our fans always bring energy, but I think now more than ever we’re ready to let loose and have a night to remember.


If you could have an opportunity to collaborate with any artist that you always wished to work with, who would you both choose?


Slavo: That’s tough. Probably Charlie Puth. Love his productions.


Justin: I’d probably choose Matt Healy from The 1975. His lyrics are so vivid. Super inspiring.


What are the top three things in your bucket list regarding 2021?


Slavo: Go on tour (hopefully safely), get married & eat more sushi.


Justin: Read books more, explore the west coast more, write the best music of our careers together.


Lastly, what can the fans expect from you both in regards to your future projects and is there any message that you would like to convey to them?


Slavo: We’ve already started to record the next album and we don’t plan on slowing down. Especially now when entertainment is more of an escape for people than ever before.


Justin: We’re able to do this every day because of our fans. We never take that for granted. This EP is over a year of planning and creating amidst these crazy times. So kick back, facetime your people and listen to it from beginning to end. Hope it brings you joy.

Interview By- Pankhuri Bhutani