Movie Review: 'I'm Your Woman'

Photo Credits: Amazon

After achieving fame  in ‘The Marvelous. Mrs Maisel’, Rachel Brosnahan is ready to present us something which is completely unique. ‘I’m Your Woman’ is her latest offering. Directed by Julia Hart in 2020, this movie revolves around a woman named Jean. 

On one fine morning her, husband returns along with a baby at home. When asked about who the baby belonged to, being a typical misogynist person, he replied that it was her responsibility. Jean accepted that baby and never asked any questions about the child. When her husband disappears mysteriously, every one of his friends refused to tell her where he was or what had happened. She was commanded to leave the place and her house along with a stranger. 


This film is inspired by the 1970’s crime drama.  Jean ‘belonged’ to a man who was a gangster and as a result, her life was in danger. In order to watch the film, the viewers should have patience considering the fact that the story unfolds in a calm and serene manner. The movie is subtle. It gives enough pace to the audience to comprehend as the screenplay precedes. The cinematography successfully helped the audience be seized within the movie. It makes the audience feel as if they’re the one escaping the goons.


If we talk about the film’s atmosphere in terms of its location, weather, setting and sounds, each element compliments the ambience. Cold tones of editing techniques were incorporated and took us to the era that only existed in tapes. “I’m Your Woman” is a movie worth watching since each aspect of the film is about a woman. It’s about her courage, her self-discovery and about exploring what she is capable of. 


Many close-up, medium shots, dolly movements by the camera was utilized for panning and zooming-out where these techniques were eminent in the film. All the actors in the film did a commendable job. Altogether this movie is all about what one is willing to risk when they are at the edge of death.

Words: Salvi. Veronica. Tete.

Edited By: Pankhuri Bhutani