This Week's Artist Spotlight- Morning Angle

Credits: Morning Angle


2020 has been quite a complicated year for most of us. The lockdown definitely brought out some challenging moments but along with that, quarantine also gave us the time and freedom to be introduced to some newly emerging phenomenal artists. 


That is why we at Deception Magazine will try to draw our reader’s attention by bringing our “Artist Spotlight” towards an artist that we think have the perfect balance of creativity, passion and exceptional potential inside them.

It’s a pleasure to announce that this week’s Deception Magazine’s Artist Spotlight goes on London-based pop duo band- Morning Angle


Morning angle is a quarantine formed indie pop duo consisting of Sam Threadgold and Joseph McCarthy. The talented duo’s creative approach can be observed through their debut single “Millennials”. Some of their other tracks include “By Design”, “Coming Down” and “Perfect World”. 


“Millennials” initiates with a motivating aura as the resonating vocals on the track instantly floods the soundscape. The leading vocals captivates the listeners and makes them dwell into the song immediately. The three minute offering from the duo engulfs the listeners throughout the duration of the song. 

The chorus of the track elevates the listener’s experience to another level. A beautiful blend of the heartfelt lyrics expressed through the unmatched vocals layered perfectly over the ethereal beats. “Millennials” is an exceptional way to introduce Morning Angle’s versatile and artistic approach.


We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings in for the duo! 

Check out “Millennials” by Morning Angle below!