MOY Releases New Single "At My Door".




Hi there! Thank you for joining us on Deception Magazine. You recently released your new single “At My Door”. Congratulations on that! What was the initial inspiration behind the track?

Thank you, the inspiration behind the song came from a jam we were having where all the right pieces of the puzzle fell into the perfect place. 


 What was the creative process like with the song? Did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage? If so, how did you overcome them? 

We were fortunate enough to have recorded some of the song before the pandemic happened, the parts that needed layered up and still to be recorded were done remotely and sent to each other. Most of the song and parts were written already so all we had to change were a few lyrics and extra guitar parts.


What kind of reaction are you hoping to achieve through this track?

I hope that people who hear it enjoy it as much as we do.


How did the band initially form and what led to the emergence of the name “MOY”? 

We were put in touch by a mutual friend, which led to moving to Scotland to try writing together. And the name was the result of days and days of brainstorming hundreds of other names.


 Where do you draw your musical inspirations from? If you all could have an opportunity, which artist would you like to collaborate and work with in the future?

For songwriting it comes from life experiences and observations. And music wise we draw a lot of inspiration from each other as we have very different tastes of music which sometimes compliment each other and its what creates the sound. As for artists who we would like to collaborate with the list is endless, Josh Klinghoffer, Alex Turner, James Murphy it goes on…


 When it comes to songwriting, do you need a specific setting to work in or do you consider yourself easily adaptable? 

Easily Adaptable as long as there is space to think.


 If you could get a chance to introduce your music to someone only through one track of yours, which track will you choose?

Our new single ‘At My Door’ just came out so it would have to be that.


What’s next for you guys? Any plans you can share regarding your forthcoming projects or collaborations? 

We have been making a music video for ‘At My Door’ for the past month and a half which will be coming out on the 12th of October


Lastly, is there any message that you would like to convey to your supporters?

Thank you for listening!