Interview: Olivia King

                                                                                                               Credits: Olivia King

Olivia King’s upcoming offering “20 Something” is clearly an impactful and powerful track. Her raw vocals have blended perfectly over the melodic beats. Having successfully garnered a huge fan-base, Olivia King is currently climbing up the stairs of fame everyday.

With over a 114,000 followers on her Instagram and more than 30,000 active monthly listeners on her Spotify platform, Olivia has released some phenomenal tracks like “Sleigh Ride”, “Never Thought”, “Independent Woman” and will be releasing her new single “20 Something” very soon! 

We recently caught up with Olivia in order to discuss the creative process behind her track, the meaning she tries to convey through the song and what the fans expect from her future projects! 


Hi there Olivia. Thank you for joining us on Deception! Let me start by talking about your upcoming single “20 Something”. Where did you draw the initial inspiration of the track from?

The older I get, the younger I want to be. The more time passes, the more I think I should be at a stage in my life that I’m not at yet. I feel like being in your twenties comes with a lot of pressure surrounding what you’re going to “do with your life.” I wanted this song to be a song a lot of people my age could relate to. I wanted them to understand they aren’t alone in this pressure some decade of their lives.


Kindly walk us through the creative process behind the song. Did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage?

This was one of the fastest songs I’ve written in a while. It was a topic I had on my chest for a while and it really just felt good to get it out on paper. I actually wrote the second verse on my Instagram livestream with everyone watching lol!


What kind of reaction are you hoping to achieve from your listeners and is there any specific message that you wish to convey through this track?

I really want them to feel heard. Being in your twenties can be so stressful and lonely sometimes. I want my listeners to know that even though it may look like from the outside that I’m achieving all my goals and having success and content with where I am in life, it doesn’t mean I’m not super hard on myself behind closed doors.


When it comes to things like creation of music and songwriting, do you require a specific setting to work in, or do you consider yourself easily flexible?

I really prefer to be writing music in the comfort of my own home. It’s where I feel most creative and I honestly hate a pressure some situation when songwriting. I love to feel relaxed and let the words and concepts flow naturally.


Where do you draw your major music influences from? If given an opportunity, who would you wish to collaborate with in the future? 
I definitely draw from the old school soul artists like Lauryn Hill and she would definitely be up there in my dream collaborations. Lauryn or Ariana Grande lol! Love her!


What are the top three things in your bucket list regarding 2021? 
Getting married, releasing at least 12 songs and starting a KING merchandise line with my brother!


How are you coping up with unfortunate times like these? Is there anything you are currently doing in order to stay creative? 
Livestreaming with my Instagram supporters has been my saving grace. I would feel lost without it. It keeps me creative and active with both music and my social media while meeting great people in the process!


What’s next for you Olivia? Anything you’re currently working on that you would like to hint your fans about? 
I’m working on releasing at least one song per month and have some great collaborations coming up!

Lastly, is there any message that you wish to convey to your supporters from all around the world? 
Just keep going. We can get caught up in our thoughts and put pressure on ourselves that is unneeded. Give yourself time and trust that everything happens the way it should!