Petite Meller Sparks Conversation About Her Recent Single "Dying Out of Love"

Photo credits: Lior Susana
Style : Haia vider
Hair: Dana Winshman
Art: Rebecca Coltorti

Petite Meller has no doubt transformed into an epitome of talent within the music industry. Her new single “Dying Out of Love” showcases an ideal glimpse into the rising artist’s enthusiastic artistic approach. The track signifies a vigorously textured euphoria blended perfectly with a groovy melody just like all her other phenomenal tracks.

Although Petite’s unique identity does not solely lies within just her tracks. Her music videos perceives visuals considered no less than extraordinary. The videos shows a perfect harmony and juxtaposition between the visualization that is added in accordance to either the lyrical content or the musical vibe of the track, balancing both the elements just right. 

We talked to Petite in regards to the creative process behind her recent single, the plans she holds out for the future and a message that she wishes to convey to her fans. 

Hi there Petite. Thank you for joining us on Deception Magazine! How would you describe your sound in your own terms?

My friend always say: It takes time to become young, and I add it takes time to find your own genre.

For me classical concerts of Vivaldi made me want to combine real orchestra and electronic music , I call it non Nuvo Ork-Pop.

Did you ever plan out to do something before entering the music industry or was being a professional musician always your first passion?

Before entering music industry I was a student of philosophy for a Master. The classes enriched my mind with lyrics for new songs. But a secret dream of mine was to be a music conductor.

You recently released your phenomenal new track “Dying Out of Love”. Congratulations on that! What was the inspiration behind the song?

Thank you, I couldn’t wait anymore to release this song.

Swedish producer Andreas Suderland wrote the strings piece “Going Out From Church” which is played by a string quartet. He tracked a 40 piece orchestra in the old Emi-studio in Stockholm. They then reached out to me to see if it was something I’d be interested in working with. I fell in love with it. I remember my friend citing for me a saying from the Bible, he said: “Like Death it’s fierce- The Love.” This phrase hit me hard when I listened to Andreas’s song. The fiercity of love was already inside the notes and the lyrics spelled out easily.

Did your initial visualization of both the track and the music video match up with the final outcome?

I always make long mood boards to my videos, this one was inspired by my friends blog @present_Passive which document the our resting era of many women in resting positions, their heart quarantine. 

A position lots of youth find themselves today lying on sofas or bed with their laptops, especially in this covid times.

The outcome made me cry as my fans send back videos all shot on their iPhones inside and out in public spaces, it was very much in my esthétique.

When it comes to creation of music, do you need a specific setting to work in or do you consider yourself easily flexible?

A song can hit me on a taxi ride, in the street while I’m walking, hearing a conversation or in the midst of a good swim.

Those moments are rare gifts You surprisingly get, divine moments, they don’t come everyday they’re like lil acknowledgments about life, I have to stop, and sing.

“Dying out of Love” came to me on a ride , I heard the music on my phone and immediately all the lyrics came out at once.

                                                                                                         Photo Credits: Lior Susana
                                                                                                                  Style : Haia vider
                                                                                                             Hair: Dana Winshman
                                                                                                               Art: Rebecca Coltorti

Where do you draw your major musical influences from?

Mostly from cinema like Antonioni and Fellini for visuals and texts from philosophy books or poetry, lately I have a song called I’m your Rhyme, which I read in a poetry love book, to be someone’s Rhyme, i think is the most romantic thing.


If given an opportunity, what country would you be the most willing to go to in order to perform your music?

I would go to Moscow as this project was recorded by a 40 piece orchestra through Skype and it’ll be a dream to preform them together with all the players who took part in creating those songs.

What’s next for Petite Meller? Any upcoming projects/music that you would like to hint your fans about?

I would love to conduct a live orchestra with the Ork Pop songs I’m going to release.

Lastly, is there anything that you wish to convey to your supporters from all around the world?

I’d like to let them to feel a relief through listening to my songs. I know that if a song makes me cry or dance my pain away it’ll helps others.