Review: Please Find Attached

Photo Credits: Dice Media

“Please Find Attached” is Dice Media’s popular franchise with its first season released in 2019. The series already made a unique place in the viewer’s heart with the story of two colleagues who soon become roommates and then end up being lovers. The first season leaves us at a crucial point of Shaurya and Sanya discussing the future of their relationship and maintaining a balance between their love life, work-life and personal life.


The second season of “Please Find Attached” premiered on 30th October 2020 on Dice Media’s YouTube Channel. Directed by Nayana Shyam, this season was more than just a love story. This season starts with Shaurya and Sanya accepting new roles in both their lives. With Shaurya getting promoted and Sanya pursuing the new path of studying further, we actually get to see a glimpse of the real-life scenario of professional pressure and responsibilities. Shaurya’s character walks us through the struggle of leading a team, adapting to new authoritative powers and positions along with the hustle of coping up with his relationship with Sanya and also managing to keep it low profile from his colleagues. We see steady growth in Sanya’s character with her progress in work and her understandability in the relationship.


We are also introduced with a new character in the show this season whose personality not only leaves us charmed but also makes us crave for such a supportive boss. Ratna is the newly recruited Design head in Shaurya and Sanya’s office which is commendably played by Vaibhavi Upadhyay. Ratna’s character not only shows us a professionally sorted person but also brings clarity to the story.

Apart from these, the series is crafted with various other characters which are kind of a reality check and a more precise representation of the present office environment who not only add to the story but also create a way for Shaurya and Sanya’s Journey.

Hence Dice Media’s Original is not just a lovesick love story but the story of two prominent individuals who represent today’s youth and their struggle of surviving their professional and personal life.

Words: Hemali Bhatt