Review- To All The Boys: Always and Forever

Photo Credits: Netflix

To All The Boys: Always and Forever is one of Netflix’s most popular Rom-Com movie franchise which had its fans eagerly waiting for the finale. Directed by Michael Fimognari and based on the novel by Jenna Han, Always and Forever is the final part of this trilogy which would decide the fate of this two extremely adorable high school sweethearts- Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean.  


Just like Noah Centineo, Peter Kavinsky is the official heartthrob and charmer who had everybody’s eyes on him in the high school whereas Lara Jean was an extremely shy introvert who believed in old school romance and was a hopeless romantic who seems to have a childhood crush on Peter. Brought together by some destined mischief by Lara Jean’s younger sister Kitty, Peter and Lara Jean starts fake dating which soon turns into a real relationship.


Their love story has seen quite some ups and downs with various characters like John Ambrose, Gen and Josh crossing their paths. However, the third part is not just about teenage romance but also about adulting. Peter and Lara are in their final year and so there comes the big decision of deciding their future paths and college. Accepted at Stanford, Peter wants Lara to accompany him and so was the plan but it seems like not everything in life and movies goes as per the plan. And so their story takes a turn which forces Lara Jean to imagine her life with and without Peter and to make a decision for which she might not be ready.  


This edition walks us through some glimpses of Seoul and mainly some parts of New York which tend to be an important turning point in the story. This edition also shows significant development in the different characters of the story like Dan (Lara Jean’s father) and Trina getting married, Kitty dating a Korean boy and Peter trying to mend his relationship with his father. We also get to see some glimpse of an untraditional romance between Trevor and Christine along with some distant bonding between Lara Jean and Gen. 


On a whole, this finale is full of romance, drama, high school trips, parties, prom, heartbreak, love and friendship which makes it the perfect end to this trilogy.

Words: Hemali Bhatt