Interview: Rose Betts On Her New Single 'Song to the Siren' (from Zack Snyder's Justice League)

Photo Credits: Rose Betts 

After years of anticipation, the highly awaited “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” finally made its way on the American streaming platform HBO Max on 18th March of this year. A movie which took more than 4 years for the making of it clearly had an immense amount of hard-work and efforts put into it. Besides the phenomenal acting of the cast members, one of the major takeaways from the movie was the film’s spectacular soundtrack.

One of the lead singles from the movie which is currently gaining the attention of lots of DC fans is “Song to the Siren” (performed by the talented Rose Betts). The song which is currently out on WaterTower Music is absolutely surreal and has already surpassed 50,000 views within the first 24 hours of its release. 

Rose Betts has without a doubt successfully delivered an extraordinary performance which further helped elevate the viewer’s experience of immersing within the movie with much more ease. With an emotional yet powerful side to the music, the song signifies a melancholic like feeling. 

Hailing from London, Rose Betts is an extremely talented singer-songwriter who self-released her first ever EP ‘The Stars Look Down’ in 2017. Her work can also be seen in Bazzi’s single “Young & Alive” which garnered a GRAMMY Nomination for Best Remixed Recording at this year’s GRAMMYs.

We recently had a really fun conversation with the wonderful Rose Betts as we discussed the creative process behind the track along with some significant insights into her music journey.

Courtesy of WaterTower Music

Hi there Rose, thank you for joining us on Deception! How is 2021 treating you so far?

2021 has been a mixed bag so far! We’ve been in Lockdown 2 here in the UK so that’s obviously been a barrel of laughs, but I’m surviving and keeping creative, enjoying a songwriting surge lately which is always nice.


Has the lockdown been challenging for you in terms of maintaining your creativity or has it given you a bit more time and freedom to work on your music?

Good question! It’s more that lockdown has held me back, I was due to move to LA but obviously that’s out of the question at the moment so that’s been very frustrating. I already had a good set up re time and freedom to work so it kind of made no difference there, but being in Scotland since September has opened up so many opportunities for me to be creative in new ways and that’s been great.


You recently created an immensely ethereal rendition of “Song To The Siren” for the highly awaited DC film “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”. Congratulations on that! How did this collaboration come into existence?

Thank you! Yes it’s been a bit surreal. I know one of the editors of the film and they’d been looking for someone to do the song and had gone through apparently 40 versions when she thought of me, so I submitted a demo, it was back in July I think, I didn’t know what film it was for, and found out in December that I’d got the job and that it was Justice League. That was a pretty crazy moment! Then I drove down to London in January to record it in Air Studios with an orchestra and all that, pretty incredible.


What was the creative process like with the track? Did it go as smoothly as planned or did you face any sort of challenges during the production stage?

It was pretty straightforward actually. I had a little description of the scene which gave nothing away, was very minimal but it gave me the atmosphere they were after so I tried to really re create that with the demo, not to let myself get in the way of what the song was saying, not to over complicate it. When we went into air studios obviously the demo had now grown into a full thing with an orchestra and I was tentative about what the arrangement would be like but James Brett the arranger did such an amazing job, it was perfect and as soon as I heard what he did I was blissed out.


Are you enjoying the reaction you are receiving from the listeners so far?

It’s actually been so amazing, people have connected to the song so much, I’ve had the nicest messages! It means so much when something you create touches or moves someone, it’s a bit like fuel. Since covid there’s not been a lot of that for us musicians, it’s hard to feel what you’re doing has any impact when your only tool for the job is a screen so the responses I’ve been getting have just been so wonderful. Also because it’s such a personal and important project for them (many of them have been fighting to get this film made for 4 years) it’s gratifying to know that we did a good job and honoured their effort.


Where do you garner your major motivations from when it comes to your professional journey?

Most of it comes from the reason I do it in the first place, it’s the only thing that feels right, that makes me feel alive and I want to be able to do it forever, create that is. When you’ve committed so much time to something it feels like you have no choice, you have to honour that effort, so that really motivates me to keep going. I think also as an artist you are always chasing something magical, that magical moment when you create something out of the air that wasn’t there before, that is completely unique, and that doesn’t belong to you anymore but belongs in the world. When that feeling hits there’s a joy unlike anything else. I’m always chasing that high.


You also worked on Bazzi’s single “Young & Alive” which was nominated for Best Remixed Recording at this year’s GRAMMYs. How was the experience like working on that and how did you initially react when you first heard the news of it getting a GRAMMY nomination?

My work on ‘Young and Alive’ was not the dramatic story I wish it was I’m afraid! I work with Bazzi’s producer/co writer Kevin White on my own projects and would often send Kevin small melodic ideas that I wasn’t using. Turns out one of these started them off writing ‘Young and Alive’! When I found out about the Grammy I was quite bemused by the whole thing, mainly because my involvement in the song was not huge so it didn’t really feel real. So I guess it took a while to sink it, but it did eventually.


What are the top three things in your bucket list regarding 2021?

Move to LA for sure. Release my album. See some whales breaching (that’s been one I’ve had for years).


What’s next for you Rose? Any upcoming project/collaboration that you are currently working on that you’d like to hint your fans about?

My album is next! We’re currently mixing it so in the final stages, I can’t wait to share it, been hiding these songs away for ages and it’ll be such a release to have them out in the world.


Lastly, is there any message that you would like to convey to your supporters?

It all comes down to support in the end of the day. I would just say thank you. The smallest gesture of support really makes all the difference, especially in these times. I’ll take it in any form it comes and try to deserve it and reciprocate it because it’s what keeps us all going.

Words: Pankhuri Bhutani