Review: 'Sweater'- ICHI Featuring SHERIE

Credits: ICHI and SHERIE

The phenomenal producer-songwriter Ichiro Suezawa also professionally known by the name ICHI is back on the release radar with his latest single “Sweater” featuring vocals from the talented SHERIE. ICHI’s creativity can be seen maintained perfectly throughout this track. The up-tempo song, filled out with SHERIE’s breezy and surreal vocals is most definitely a heart throbbing hit.


The pulsating new single which offers a captivating performance, holds in the listener’s attention throughout the duration of the track. The song which is carefully crafted seems to be the result of something that is clearly born out of lots of preparation and the efforts put into it by the creators.


The nature of the song is extremely versatile and raw. The way the song has been penned down signifies a promise that will result in the emergence of hope and comfort. A lovely song to hear in order to throw away all worries and anxieties during challenging times like these, the music leaves an extremely exhilarating sensation in the listeners through an uncertain yet peaceful factor the track possesses.  ‘Sweater’ is currently available on all major streaming platforms. 


Listen to ‘Sweater’ below!