The White Tiger Review

Credits: Netflix

The Netflix 2021 Crime Drama, is one of its kind which highlights the dark sides of an untapped Indian society. Released this January, The White Tiger is a tale of an ambitious driver of a rich family who works his way through unconventional means.

White Tiger is renowned as the symbol of strength and majestic fierceness. And so is the character of Balram Halwai.


Stuck in the turmoil of unfavorable circumstances during his entire life, Balram states his journey of being an entrepreneur from a servant throughout the story. The story is set up in rural India where a village boy with immense potential is thrown into miseries of life at a very early age. However, his desire to succeed and move forward is what made him different. The story walks us through some of the harsh realities and bad treatment faced by a huge population just on the name low caste, low financial conditions and lack of opportunities. And this biased life leads Balram to commit the greatest sin of his life and turn his never-ending loyalty into sheer hatred for his master. His desire to love his master as a family turns into his story of crazy revenge in order to get out of the suppression.


Adarsh Gourav has been a show stealer with his amazing grip on the character giving the movie its thrill and command. However, the story would also not be complete without the amazing performance delivered by Rajkumar Rao and Priyanka Chopra. Both of these characters play a unique role adding a new perspective to the story. Ashok i.e. Rajkumar’s character works as a bridge between modern India and rigid India. Being a character which tends to mend his ways different from his suppressive exploiting family, it shows the difficulty our society is facing to move towards a progressive society. Pinky i.e. Priyanka’s character is a progressive one who not only raises her voice against this injustice but also plays an important role in the plot of the movie.


And hence this brilliantly crafted play of numerous character walks us through the thrilling intense story. The end of this story may not be as expected and justified but the movie is a sheer piece of excellence in terms of the presentation of the dark side of the society.


The movie is a perfect combination of some praiseworthy writing, unmatched commentary and mind-blowing dialogues which are beyond philosophy. And hence this masterpiece directed by Ramin Bahrani clearly lives up to the Aravind Adiga’s award-winning fiction “The White Tiger”.

Words: Hemali Bhatt