Joker, one of the most well deserving contenders for the nomination for Best Movie at the Academy’s 2019 received a lot of appraisal from the audience. The film was phenomenal in every aspect- cinematography, soundtrack, direction, costume, makeup and all other elements but the most signifying feature of the film was the character portrayal by its cast. Joker was such a trending topic when it came out that over a period of time, many wild theories from the plot line of the movie slowly started emerging.

One such theory that emerged was that the character of Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix) was already dead long before he transformed into Joker and never really got to kill the popular TV host Murray Franklin (played by Robert DeNiro).

In the movie there is an extremely short scene when Arthur, after being disgruntled over the society’s treatment to him gets so frustrated that he decides to open the fridge take out all the stuff and sit in it for awhile to process all of this when suddenly his thoughts are interrupted by the telephone call from one of the members of Murray Franklin’s team who invites him on the show.

Courtesy: Warner Brothers

The theory suggests that the call actually never happened and the joker never really existed except in Arthur’s imagination. While he is in the fridge, he gets a call from one of his idol’s team asking him to come on the show, he then transforms into a heinous personality who happens to be supported by an immensely huge number of people. All his crimes are now suddenly accepted by the same society which till that time treated him so harshly. It can’t be all coincidence right?

The theory further suggests what if Arthur was rather recalling and creating his fantasies than actually experiencing it as a way of coping up and distracting from the fear of dying while he was sitting in the fridge waiting for death? We could see the scene of him dating the character of Sophie Dumond (portrayed by Zazie Beetz). The perfect dates, the kiss, Sophie supporting him throughout the film no matter what he does, which later on is revealed that it is just one of Arthur’s wild imaginations.

Just like that what if Arthur was making all of this up in his mind to be disassociated from the pain and suffering he was going through in the process of dying? What if Joker never really existed? What if everything we saw after that fridge scene was nothing but some of the horrific and terrifying vivid imaginations of Arthur Fleck?